Our Products


We at Blue Dot understand that the telephone is your main source of communication and link to business partners, customers, friends and even your family and this simple fact means that you as a client should always enjoy an uninterrupted, cost effective, user friendly and reliable telephony experience.

Our Telephony sector incorporates the following: PBX Sales, installation, cabling, service and maintenance, Voice over IP and Telephony peripherals

Office Automation

Having touched on telephony above, it is quite clear that office automation is another key component in your business. We work with documents on a daily basis and never really shed a thought about how copiers, scanners, fax machines and printers help simplify our lives both at home and the office. We do provide a full range of office automation solutions to suite every client type and size. We work with household names like Panasonic, Nashua and Konica Minolta amongst others.

Information Technology

We at Blue Dot Connect understands that no two clients will have exactly the same IT needs; this has made us realize that a clear understanding of the prospective clients current environment will help us provide a highly customized solution at a cost effective level. Whether you are looking for an entry level or top end desktop/notebook, Blue Dot will certainly provide.