About us

Our Background

Blue Dot Connect was established in the year 2005. The company has evolved from being a purely Telecoms and Office Automation provider to a comprehensive ICT market player.

BDC has added the IT component to their business which means that a client can have peace of mind knowing that he may have one supplier for his Telecoms, Office Automation and IT needs. Blue Dot strives to provide a cost effective and reliable ICT solution to all their clients at all times. We have over the years maintained that a business can reach its peak when it comes to productivity when it concentrates on its core function. This in a nutshell means that if you are in the hospitality industry for an example, your headache should only be making sure that your patrons really experience first class service and you can rest easy knowing that Blue Dot will take care of your ICT needs. The idea here is that we both get to be specialists in our respective fields.

Courage, Strategy and Vision

Factually no structure can only work out of the common good without courage and faith.

Our strategy, vision and objective is to align our commitment with a well-calculated manner through our revolutionary approach and principles that we have adopted for our services both nationally and internationally.